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Thursday, April 30, 2009

She'd look just like her daddy

if her daddy were Terminator, that is.

At our most recent ultrasound, Evvie was very cooperative in letting the doctor do an echocardiogram on her, and make sure that her heart is perfect (it is). But, again, when we tried to look at her face, she wasn't really up for it. The doc jabbed my belly with the ultrasound wand and Evelyn looked at us for about 10 seconds. I like to think she was glaring at the doctor for disturbing her. The one picture we got, well, it isn't the most becoming.

Here she is, imitating the Governator himself:

It reminds me a lot of this:

I still think she's cute. And if you look closely, it looks like she's smiling at us. Aww :) I can't wait to see what she looks like without the sci-fi special effects. Only about 15 weeks left...I can't believe it!


~jenn said...

hee hee - thats funny. Its a wonder that you can love those strange lil beings so much already isn't it?!?!

Scott K. Johnson said...

It took me a minute to orient myself, but once I did there sure enough is a smile on her face! :-)