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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Off the Wagon

Do you remember that big list of goals?  And the followup of what a good girl I've been?  Well, traveling, parties, and laziness have gotten the better of me, and I'm falling short of several goals, and just plain ignoring others.

I'm testing often, because I'm high often.  I haven't faxed bloodsugars in over a week and I haven't been logging them because (get this) they're so bad.  Why are they so bad?  Partially because I've been eating total crap: cupcakes, pizza, cheesey sausage balls, potatoes with velveeta, etc.  I have not been cooking as much (or eating enough veggies) since I've been either a party of one or literally at a party for the past week.  The other reason I'm running high could have to do with a new medication I'm on, but, I take most of the blame on this issue as I'm not even sure if said medication messes with blood sugars.

Breakfast?  Breakfast, when I was eating healthy (for all of what? 6 weeks?) was a boiled egg, yogurt, grapes, wheat toast with peanut butter, etc, etc.  Lately, I've been lucky if I even get in a yogurt!  It's ridiculous.  I have eggs at home...I just need to boil them!

I have been PRETTY good about drinking only water and tea, though this week alone I've had 2 Diet Cokes (the previous weeks I've had none).  

I've avoided artificial sweeteners entirely (except when we accidentally got artificially sweetened yogurt...but that was a mistake).

So, I need to climb back up on the wagon.  Life at 100 mg/dl feels a LOT better than life at 400 mg/dl, which is where I've been living since the election-watch party with Caitlin and Ian last night.  

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~jenn said...

- hard boiled eggs
- take 1 night to chop veggies & put in single serving bags for snacking
- veg soups

are my current time savers / goto foods.

Good luck getting back!!! I've fallen a little myself and know it always feels sooo much better to be 'good'!