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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

She's Crafty

A few Saturdays ago, I cohosted a baby shower for Caitlin who is due to give birth to Allison Claire on July 1 (or is it July 2? Either way, we're hoping for an Independence Day baby :) ). The theme we came up with for her shower was puppies, but apparently puppies are for boys and kitties are for girls because there was almost nothing that was either gender neutral or girly that had puppies on it!
So, I improvised. I made "pupcakes":

And I made a diaper cake out of diapers with little purple bones on them:

It was a fun shower and everything went off without a hitch. We ate, decorated onesies, and asked Caitlin questions during her gift opening. There were no baby shower games in sight, and I think the mom-to-be was glad of it. I know I was.
Chris suggested I post the "best and worst" of the pupcakes. I must say, they all turned out pretty well, but here's the worst one:

And here's the best:

All of them were equally tasty, though, and that's really what matters, right?


Tamara said...

The pupcakes are ADORABLE. I like the idea of M&Ms for eyes and the pink bow. HOW CUTE!

Did you use fondant for ears or tootsies as directions stated?


Jenni said...

Thanks, Tam! I used marshmallow fondant recipe that I think you gave to me. It was easy to make (using the microwave!) and tasted yummy. I added chocolate to make it brown instead of the traditional white.