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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Had A Dream

Last night, I had a dream. Not the kind that Martin Luther King, Jr. had, but an interesting and funny one nonetheless. In my dream, I was out to dinner with some friends including my church friends Karen and Cindy. At this dinner, the main course was...cupcakes. (Because who doesn't eat cupcakes for dinner? At a restaurant?) Apparently Karen would only eat square cupcakes, so she was cutting off the rounded edges. I was eating her "leftovers" (the rounded edges). Actually, I was inhaling them - eating them greedily and without abandon. At some point, I realized that I had forgotten to bolus (give insulin) for the cupcakes. At about the same time, someone from another table came to our table and asked if we would "star" in an impromptu play with the theme of "sugar causes diabetes". I adamantly refused (obviously) and got up on my soapbox in the middle of the dinner to educate the crowd on what causes diabetes and what doesn't.

When I awoke, my bloodsugar was 33. That could explain me eating cupcakes without insulin, and may also explain the wacky dream too.


Karen said...

Interesting dream because I actually only eat trapezoidal cupcakes!

Kendra said...

CLASSIC low dream ("Brain paging body, brain paging need sugar!") and hilarious to boot! Our subconsciouses are such dorks.