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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thank goodness!

Last week, I nearly had a heart attack when (I thought) I figured out that because of my new insurance, I would have to switch insulin pumps to one I had barely heard of. I rely on my pump more than even I realized, and the thought of giving up Pump Daddy induced major heart-racing, full-tilt panic.

Today, I learned that not only do I not have to switch (enough negatives for ya?), but insurance will pay for 90% of my supplies for Pump Daddy! Yippee!! It's not the 100% coverage that I had grown used to at my old company, but it's definitely better than having to switch to an inferior pump, and/or pay big dollas for datgum medical supplies!

And a (completely unrelated) side note - why is it that on Dancing with the Stars, do the women always have tails on their skimpy little outfits? Bizarre.


Kendra said...

Woohoo for not having to give up Pump Daddy! What brand did you think you'd have to switch to?

Jenni said...

I thought I'd have to switch to the Accu-Chek Spirit. Scary!

Kendra said...

Yeah, definitely have never met anyone with one of those. What the.