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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yo-Yo Blood sugars

After raising my voice yesterday for Type I diabetes awareness, today I'm experiencing Type A frustration! My blood sugars have yo-yo'd from 50 mg/dl to 250 mg/dl today. When it's time to eat, I'm low, and when I eat I don't take insulin (because I'm low), which leads to highs. Argh!! I know that part of it is that I need to be smarter about correcting highs and treating lows, but part of it has to be environmental...right?


CALpumper said...

Hi Jenni,

What do you mean by environment? How long have you had diabetes?

Yo yo's can occur for a number of reasons. The variables we experience everyday can be daunting. Add in that you are female....a whole other set of variables.

Sometimes when I get "overly excited" or really pumped up about something, I wear myself out. Quick or subtle lows can occur, depending on if the excitement includes me jumping around or thoughts just jumping around in my head.

Eating at a different times (compared to basal rates you have set, if you are on the pump) can be a factor. Stress. No sleep. Anger. Frustration. Type of carbs you ate. Fat, protein....etc etc.

Hang in there!

Jenni said...

Hi cal - I've had diabetes for 21 years this year. And by "environment" I mean exactly what you've described - emotions, hormones, stress; things that I can't control.

I guess I was trying to get across that it isn't all my "fault". Lots of diabetics blame themselves, and get blamed by others for "bad" numbers. While some of the variables that are causing my yo-yoing are because of things that I do or don't do, many of them are out of my control. I just have to know how to adjust based on these non-controlable variables, and sometimes it takes me a while to "catch on" to what's going on...and really, often it's treating the symptoms rather than the cause (i.e. under-correcting a high to avoid a low, despite the reason for the high).

Thanks for the comment! Keep 'em coming :)


CALpumper said...

Hi Jenni,

It really is a weird balancing act of variables. The whole "others blaming" you for a mistake is simple crap.

First, if they do not have the disease and have not experienced what we is only their opinion. I feel this way even about my Endo.

Second, as coined by many, The Diabetes Police telling you what you "need or should" do is annoying. While they care, they go about it in the wrong way, they think of themselves first (as in simply being themselves) instead of taking the time to think of what the other person may be going through.

Yeah, after 23 years I am still learning. Things change. Circumstances, situations, environments, hormones -- you name it. And with T1 we are always adjusting, always, every day. It's a balancing act of what is most important in the moment. Right now, right then, right after....

I feel like I live a trial and error life. Not long ago I realized how detrimental that was to my mind set. For so long as a child I would do what I was told and something would not work, so we would adjust and try again. Try and try again. And keep trying. Stability? What's that? I think I experienced it couple times in 23 years, for like two days maybe?!

Ah yes. Treating the symptom. It seems to be the daily management. Sometimes it is hard to treat the cause with so many variables floating around our every day routine.

Under bolusing to avoid a low....I will back myself on that Any Day! I would rather be high than low....unless someone truly experiences what it is like to get low, they would simply never understand the feeling, the helplessness, the fear that goes with it.

We know our bodies best. Only us. So we make choices every day. We have no choice. Only We can make the decision. Only we have the control to manage.

I mean Jeez! We're only human trying to manipulate what the body is supposed to do!

Hope things are better. And know, I have had some daunting lows this week (end of my period, who knew) and others I have been talking to have had some unexplained highs all day or longer. Life happens....diabetic or not, life goes on too.

Best to you!